Get a Loan in 5 Minutes!

Get loan in 5 mins
  • AGAM launches AI powered digital platform to provide ‘Pay-day advances’ called Prime Agrim, available on google play store.
  • AGAM in partnership with Prime Bank, Bangladesh’s largest commercial Bank and Swiss Contact, the leading NGO promoting inclusive economic, social and ecological development.
  • Application powered by AGAM’s innovative and intelligent Individual Independence Index III™ credit scoring platform

On 8th of September 2021 the new digital platform launched which is set to transform the financial access of millions of employed individuals and small and medium sized businesses in Bangladesh.

Mobile application enables salaried workers to get instant loans as salary advances without the need of a credit score. Customers can download the app and register using their NID and a Prime bank account number and within 5 minutes they get a credit score and an approved loan credited directly to their bank account.

AGAM, which means “Advance” in Bangla and is designed to support the salaried income and SME community which lacks access to credit through banks and often look to informal lending operators at times of need, placing them at risk of exploitation. Their lack of banking history and credit score is too often an obstacle to access credit from formal banks.

AGAM is the pioneer of using AI driven real-time assessed digital lending combined with financial education in Bangladesh.

Shabnam Nida Wazed is CEO and Founder of AGAM International which is a UK-headquartered fintech with operations in Bangladesh.

She said: “We are delighted to have launched AGAM in my home country of Bangladesh. We are passionate about overcoming the barriers to banking and financial access for all and it’s a credit to the vision of Prime Bank that they have joined us on this mission. We look forward to growing the AGAM application and expanding our range of products and address every need of the community. Customers can now finally be free from vicious grips of informal lenders and their exploitative credit. This is another step forward towards creating a truly Digital Bangladesh”

Meanwhile Mr Rohit Sankhe, Chief Technology Officer of AGAM International says ‘We are very excited to launch in Bangladesh and introduce a fully digital lending application in collaboration with Prime Bank. Customers can now apply for loan anytime of the day and even from the comfort of their home. We look forward to expanding our userbase through bringing in more innovative products soon.’

The mobile reach across Bangladesh has expanded with over 98% of the population connected with similarly high smart phone penetration which provides a strong foundation to launch a mobile-enabled banking service. Providing a ‘must have’ banking service will be a catalyst for further increasing levels of mobile internet usage.

ANM Mahfuz, DMD and Head of Consumer Banking at Prime Bank, added: “We are excited to partner with AGAM International, an innovative technology and service provider. As the leader in digital innovation we have the mission to continuously deploy game changing solutions to ensure better service to our customers and facilitate financial inclusion by taking financial services to the unbanked population.”

The AGAM app has a unique capacity of generating an instant credit assessment driven by proprietary alternative credit scoring methodology that learns customer behavioral patterns, assess their knowledge to derive their creditworthiness; this scoring system is known as the “Individual Independence Index III™”.

Credit profiling plays a pivotal role in enhancing access to finance and supporting economic growth. AGAM’s proprietary III™ scoring system has been developed to assess a broad range of data sets which derive a holistic picture of the consumer. It goes beyond traditional transaction-based records of a customer and adopts multiple data points to assess affordability of the consumer; the intelligent system learns their behaviour and tracks their progression with long-term growth.

AGAM supports customer development through our educational modules delivered via the application and in person. This helps to grow individual capability and confidence enabling greater access to banking and financial products. AGAM’s tech-for-good platform learns using Artificial Intelligence as its customers advance through our inbuilt education curriculum.



Shabnam Nida Wazed – UK / Bangladesh (

About AGAM:

AGAM is a UK Headquartered Fintech, established in 2019 to provide a digital app to support the last mile of delivery for banking and financial products, services and beyond. AGAM has developed an alternative credit scoring index driven by a proprietary AI based algorithm which learns about the customer behaviour and knowledge to provide a credit score in real time.

AGAM is passionate about education, access and for customer growth and supports this objective through the AGAM development program available through the application.

AGAM International (BD) Ltd is a subsidiary of UK company of AGAM International Limited.

About Prime Bank: Prime Bank is best known for its expertise in Corporate and Institutional Banking and its innovative Digital Banking services. Established in 1995, the bank operates all over Bangladesh with 146 branches and 170 ATM locations.

Prime Bank has been awarded as the Best Digital Bank in Bangladesh in 2020 by Global Finance and Asiamoney.

About Swiss Contact:

Swisscontact is a Swiss non-profit-organisation, which carries out projects aiming at reducing poverty in developing and transition countries by private sector development. It has been founded in 1959 as a politically and denominationally neutral organisation focused on promoting economic stability and fostering skills development, small and medium enterprises, financial services and resource efficiency.

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