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AGAM is an AI driven digital SaaS platform connecting individual and businesses to banks, NBFIs and MFIs to enable instant access to finance.

Available in API, APK and SDK for banks and digital financial platforms alike to connect and setup lending engine.

AGAM enables banks and financial institutions to facilitate end to end digital lending with credit scoring and borrowing mechanism.

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Hyper-Personalised Lending

Unlock the power of AI to predict defaults, deceits and delinquincies of customers.

Our platform help banks and financial institutions to make lending decision in minutes.

Our technology enable banks to provide hyper-personalised lending suited to the needs of every customer, from personal finance to distributor finance.

With backend admin portal and frontend mobile app.

Everyone gets connected to the same platform to ask for or offer instant credit through AGAM.

Banking powered by IIITM

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on our proprietary credit scoring engine. It is intelligent and dynamic which detects risks in real time.

Banks and Financial institutions are able to modify it to suit their risk appetite and their target customer base.

Enable the next generation of financial services

Quicker Activation

Assess and onboard individuals and businesses with or without smartphones

Alternative Credit Score (III)

Assess and achieve alternative scoring of thin-profiled customers for banks and financial services.

SMART Secured Lending

Accelerating lenders to make informed lending decisions 6K times faster with 90X more accuracy.

What customers are saying


“My wage is all spent on groceries and rent. My life takes halt in any emergency. Only hope is my union leader to seek a loan till next payday. I often have to pay back a large sum of money in the end..”


“I had to live at the mercy of managers week before paydays. If I ask for loan, I am given an exorbitant deal for which I will have to work weeks of overtime. Borrowing from friends has a limit to it!”

Lutfor Rahman

“My earnings are not high enough to qualify for credit card or personal loan. I struggle to find support in emergency, my only options are my male managers. I am embarrassed to ask for help often.”

Kabery Gomes

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