Financial Institutions

Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Microfinance Institutions and Insurance

Make informed lending decisions in real world with advanced predictive analytics. Our intelligent credit scoring engine learns from based on behavioural insights of customers and reduces risk in real time. Our system makes lending dynamic and hyperpersonalised which enhances customer engagment and loyalty. Upgrade conventional banking and onboard customers with one application.

A doorway to new asset class

Onboarding a new customer base of thin-files, unbanked and self-employed.

Reduction in cost of risk

Unleash the strength of Ai and ML to test customers fast and generate informed lending decisions. Leading to a dynamic and real-time risk mitigation with a fraction of cost.

Speedy decisions

Our innovation boosts a decision turn around time from days to just under 5 minutes.


Financial Independence

Reduce your payroll stress and boost employee's financial wellness through AGAM's platform .

Employers no longer have to worry about any unexpected delays in payroll and have undue stress for employees. Employees can apply for a nano loan at any time in the month for any emergency. This enhances their financial wellness of employees, reduces financial stress and boosts efficiency.

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Advanced lending for FMCG retailers

As a brand of FMCG, you can assist your distributors, retailers and micromerchants with instant access to working capital. Digital lending support facilated by AGAM partner banks and financial institutions with instant application.

Our system helps onboard distributors, retailers and micro merchants, empowering every stakeholder at every step of the supply chain. Each of these businesses ca avail finance in minutes and avoid any undue disruption.

Instant loan

Collateral free loan

Digital onboarding

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