Nano Loans

Loans for any emergency, available in minutes. Available for employee as salary advances.


Interactive savings powered by AI. Set out to redifine banking experience from saving, budgeting and financing. Available for salaried and self-employed customers alike.

Embedded Finance - powered by S.M.A.R.T™

Next generation of consumer finance, like Buy-Now-Pay-Later but MUCH safer!

MSME Loans

Fast access to working capital for merchants and vendors. Available for e-commerce merchants and FMCG merchants alike.

Distributor Finance

End-to-End digital access to finance in real time for distributors in FMCG

Download - Apply - Approve

1. Download and sign up for the application through mobile or the site

2. Upload NID and photo for KYC

3. Answer a few questions

4. Apply for loan

5. Get a decision in less than 5 minutes

6. Customer receives approved loan in their designated bank or wallet account

AGAM and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Empowering underbanked, unbanked and thin-file customers and small business to enhance their financial wellbeing unlocking their door to the next generation of finance.

AGAM means to empower MSME, casual and gig economy and enable every individual a chance to grow by getting that first loan. Our data-driven systems help customers to become bankable on their Character, Capacity and Commitment.

Bridging individuals and businesses with banks to access instant credit

Ready to plug & play with AGAM ?