Quicker Acquisition


Fast onboard via smartphone, feature phone or even online. Our dynamic and gamified assessment-to-score system helps customers become financially smart with a higher III™ score. Thus enabling them to unlock higher loans.


Smooth onboarding by AGAM eKYC engine

Onboarding customers from registration, to loan application and approval digitally in under 5 minutes.

Scalable Operation

Our AI and ML driven III credit engine assists financial institutions with scaling quicker, lessen cost and cut time required to circle back. Making informed lending decisions 6K times faster.

Security and privacy

Security is our priority and therefore our system has a cutting edge security and information insurance foundation permitting completely secure devoted and on-premise applications.

Faster Digital transformation

Plug & Play platform combined with advanced analytics facilitates a fast digital transformation for Banks and Financial Institutions. Our BI powered dashboard, available to banks gives advanced analytics & risk visibility on loans. Our III-integrated application connects bank with customers.

Individual Independence Index (III)

AGAM AI driven credit scoring engine

AGAM proprietary credit scoring engine is an AI powered platform driven by sopiscicated LARC algorithm that predicts deciets, defaults, deliquencies and understand customers' credibility, their ability to pay and willingness to pay alongwith growth potential and eligibility for other products. AGAM credit score is divided into stages and each with its own perks and eligibility. Fully customisable based on risk appetite and preferences of each Bank, NBFI, MFI and insurance. Our algorithms can be tweaked by our client institutions to fit their loan product and their customer base.


Credit scoring using alternative data

A doorway to new asset class

Onboarding a new customer base of thin-files, unbanked and self-employed.

Reduction in cost of risk

Unleash the strength of Ai and ML to test customers fast and generate informed lending decisions. Leading to a dynamic and real-time risk mitigation with a fraction of cost.

Speedy decisions

Our innovation boosts a decision turn around time from days to just under 5 minutes.

Budget and finance manager


Our innovative system enables banks to provide interactive bank accounts to customers. Customers with current and savings account will now be able to interact with their account and set targets.

Our innovation is giving banks, NBFI and MFIs with an economically significant and data-driven model to check risk and make advances that fit the requirements of small scale savers.

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